400 Gifts for Refugees6 (Medium)In October, the Great Commission class spent a day in Lexington at the home of the director of ministry serving Iraqi and Bhutanese refugees in the Lexington area.  The students had very positive experiences connecting with these new friends, and they learned of the goal to provide Christmas gifts to each of refugee children.

 400 Gifts for Refugees8 (Medium) 

400 Gifts for Refugees2 (Medium)Our students’ reaction?  Give them each a gift!  One small glitch:  there are 400 children!  When they set out their goal for a gift for each of the 400 children, some of us offered suggestions of how they could scale back the goal and still have a meaningful experience. They would have none of that talk, and they proceeded to go make it happen!

400 Gifts for Refugees4 (Medium)They called it the Isaiah Project and they went full force into this project, seeking donations and giving of their own resources so that they could work toward that goal.

And they did it!!!
 They are now wrapping and labeling the 400 toys with the goal of completing the project by December 9.