A week from today, I will be sharing the rest of a great story that began in the 1970s, after C. E. and Gladys Odermann made their retirement home at Oakdale.  The Odermanns were important people in the Oakdale community and the Free Methodist Church (both locally and in the conference) over the span of decades, and the Odermann name was almost synonymous with Oakdale.

Upon retirement, Rev. Odermann began attending holiness association meetings in Lexington, where he met Rev. T. T. May, the pastor of Liberty Road Community Church.  They became good friends, and Rev. May was invited to visit Oakdale.  He came to campus, then brought family members and the people of Liberty Road Community Church, a church that he had founded in the 1960s.

Liberty Road Community Church has been a faithful partner with Oakdale throughout the years.  Whenever I would visit their church — even when unannounced — I would find the most recent Oakdale letter or Oakleaf pinned to their bulletin board.

Next week you’ll hear the rest of the story.  It’s a great story!