Everywhere I look I find reasons to be excited about the future of Oakdale Christian Academy!  The fully-accredited program and the nurturing environment we offer is delivered by a fantastic staff that wants nothing more than to see our students overcome academic, spiritual and personal challenges, come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and grow deep in their faith.

The evidence abounds that these things are happening!  It is found in the attendance of many students at the Good Friday communion service and in the high number of students who attended the sunrise service Easter morning.

It is found in Xinyi, (we call her Cindy), a Chinese student who came to salvation at Oakdale and has grown tremendously in her faith.  During spring break she asked to move from the new, quiet, pleasant space of the girls’ overflow duplex housing back into the old, crowded dorm so she could provide leadership to the younger girls there!  We are proud that Cindy has been accepted to Spring Arbor University, and look forward with eagerness to see how the Lord directs her life.

I see it at the student variety show, where I got to see the fruit of lives increasingly directed toward Christ.  Shelby, a junior, sang two songs she wrote that reflects her growing Christian walk.  Shelby has benefited greatly from staff input not only in her Christian life, but in her songwriting skills.

Another student, Elnatan, shared a video he created to highlight the worldwide epidemic of human trafficking, which was an extension of how God has softened and molded his heart to care for the helpless and vulnerable.

We see students directing other students on how to respond to difficulties and frustrations.  We rejoice when a student first begins to take those steps of responsibility for each other and make someone else’s need their own urgent call to prayer and involvement.

Oakdale provides a rich experience for its students that changes their lives.  The impact of Oakdale Christian Academy extends far beyond their years here.  This is much more than just a good education!