The partnership between the Oakdale ministry and you – our financial supporter, enthusiast, prayer partner and volunteer – has never been stronger or more effective. The evidence of this partnership is as apparent as new building and renovation projects and as powerful as the involvement of staff members in student lives, leading them to lives of learning, serving others and loving God. Our partnership makes this happen!

international Christian boarding school We began our Breaking New Ground Comprehensive Campaign on July 1, 2011, with the goal of building a new girls’ dormitory, renovating and expanding our boys’ dormitory, and funding scholarships and general ministry expenses during a three-year period. With an initial funding goal of $2.5 million, it soon became clear that funding the objectives of the campaign would require a $3 million goal. (It now is apparent that the need is even greater!)

From the beginning, we knew that only with God’s blessing and the passionate, energetic, and generous response of our friends would we succeed. What a blessing, and what a response! You have given toward construction projects and scholarships, but that’s not all. You supported initiatives like a robotics program, a netbook computer system, vehicle upgrades, and Anderson Hall improvements. You funded scholarships at a higher level than we originally budgeted, which helped us serve even more financially needy students.

Odermann Hall Exterior Design With gifts and pledges totaling $2.9 million, we are certain to reach our $3 million campaign goal by the end of the Breaking New Ground Comprehensive Campaign on June 30, 2014. However, our objective is not simply to raise $3 million, but to provide quality dorms. As you know, a building project cost is a moving target, so even as we have now raised nearly $2.9 million, we remain almost $500,000 from funding the remainder of the girls’ dorm and most of what is needed to fund the boys’ dorm renovation/expansion.

It seems overwhelming, but raising $500,000 by June 30 is what it will take to complete the campaign and fund the boys’ dormitory project. Oakdale Christian Academy is God’s school, so the timing and amount of support that comes in the next six months will reflect how accurately this timeline fits with His. I am simply sharing the need with you – a need that I believe is essential for Oakdale’s future.

Sometimes I wonder: Is this even possible?! Truly, I am convinced that unless it is God’s will it is not possible. This Step of Faith Goal – raising $500,000 – demands our sole reliance on God to lead resources to Oakdale. Perhaps you will be part of reaching this goal. Pray with us, walk with us, build with us!