international Christian boarding schoolOn April 27, we announced our Breaking New Ground Campaign to raise funds for current operations and scholarships, as well as a new girls’ dormitory, an expansion/renovation of Odermann Hall, and other significant campus needs.  When we announced the campaign, we had raised $940,000 toward the construction cost of $1.7 million for the new girls’ dormitory.  Today, just three weeks later, we have surpassed the $1 million mark in cash and pledges.  We thank the Lord for directing our friends to support this project, and we thank our friends for responding and helping bring us closer to the start of construction.

We need to raise at least $1.1 million before we can break ground on the girls’ dormitory construction, and we are hoping to begin with site prep this summer.  You can participate in this project by making a pledge or making a gift online (via ACH debit or PayPal), or by sending a check to 5801 Beattyville Rd, Jackson, KY  41339.

Once we reach the $1.1 million mark, we will still have a significant sum to raise.  At a minimum, we will need $450,000 to complete the fundraising portion of the girls’ dorm construction and the Odermann Hall project.  But $1.1 million will get us started, and we will be able to lock in construction prices before they rise Christian boarding school

I want to share with you in an upcoming post the ways in which we are saving money on the construction of the new girls’ dormitory by using volunteers, finding suppliers to sell at greatly reduced prices, and other forms of cost savings.

This is an exciting project!  Someday, and for decades to follow, it will be home to 40 girls, where great ministry takes place in their lives.