Build On... Logo (Medium)In choosing “Build On… Comprehensive Campaign” as the name for the current campaign, we intentionally included the ellipses — the “…” — to indicate a continuing building process at Oakdale.  We are building upon almost 100 years of ministry, building upon past successes, and building upon God’s Word. 

The ellipses also indicated a future.  We are building – and will continue to build – in every way.  No matter how far Oakdale grows in its effectiveness in serving God through ministry to teenagers, we will always be looking for ways to be even more effective.

However, the ellipses is used in a variety of ways in writing and literature:  It can infer an omissionIn comic books, an ellipses is often used in the place of a period, meaning, “keep going; there’s more to come.”

The Build On… Comprehensive Campaign includes funding for the expansion and renovation of Odermann Hall, for general ministry expenses, for scholarship and financial aid… and more. 

More…  it infers an omission.  There’s more to come.

Stay tuned!