It’s never been about the buildings! Sometimes I wonder if our talk about a new girls’ dormitory, the Anderson Hall entrance, or the boys’ dorm expansion and renovation leads people to think that our priorities are on facilities.

JoJo and BriannaThe truth is that the new girls’ dormitory really has never been about a new building. What it’s been about is providing opportunities for lives to be changed through a boarding program that helps students focus on the things that are truly important. Whatever we say in our Monday Memo or Oakleaf Newsletter or any of the letters we send is only an expression of the resources needed to fulfill our call to serve God in a way that helps teenagers grow in their minds and spirits toward Christ-likeness.

Kalya and Maria Toward that goal, buildings need to be safe, durable, long lasting, comfortable, and energy efficient. Academic programs need to be accredited. Staff members need to have qualifications. Finances are need to provide the resources for ministry. The Breaking New Ground Comprehensive Campaign brings Oakdale to new levels of achievement in each area.

These priorities will equip Oakdale to help students connect the experience of living to being alive in Christ. Through their education at Oakdale, they can discover the joy of using their mind to learn about God’s creation, about others, and about the potential of their future. Changed lives: the ultimate benefit of your support for the Breaking New Ground Comprehensive Campaign!