We have just announced our Breaking New Ground Campaign, a three-year campaign (ending June 30, 2014) to raise funds for a variety of critical needs:

  • Funds for current operations and scholarships are an essential need that we would not be able to stay in ministry without.  We need $250,000 per year to meet our operating and scholarship obligations.
  • A new girls’ dormitory is being planned that will cost $1.7 million.  Toward this 40-bed facility, we have raised just over $1 million!
  • We have plans for the expansion and renovation of Odermann Hall, our boys’ dormitory.  At a cost of $150,000, we will count on the help of many.
  • Other projects during this campaign period will enhance the ministry – new roofs on buildings, and infrastructure improvements, and new sidewalks and paved parking lots.

The total goal for the campaign is $2.5 million, and we are nearly halfway to reaching that goal.  We are so grateful for all who have given and trust that God will move in the hearts of many to help us reach our goal.

All of that is exciting, but it doesn’t scratch the surface about the best news:  Each one of our nine graduates made great strides while at Oakdale in all areas of their lives.  Each one has been accepted and plans to attend college.  And each one left here having made a commitment for Christ – most made their first-time commitments while at Oakdale!

I can scarcely overstate the importance of your giving.  For the upcoming year, we will have to reduce budgets and freeze salaries.  It is to Oakdale’s great benefit that God has created joyful, resourceful, and sacrificing people who are delighted to find meaning in service at Oakdale – people who are highly qualified and could command higher salaries elsewhere.

Your prayers and support for Oakdale Christian Academy, its students and staff, are much appreciated!