I once made a really amazing pot of potato soup. It was probably around 1992, living in Greenville, Illinois. They should put a historical marker on the house where I did that. I had no idea I was capable of such a feat, and I’ve never tried it again. I joke that I’ve been intimidated by my own success.
international Christian boarding school
international Christian boarding school

Every late December, I look back at Oakdale’s year and wonder:  How does Oakdale top that? Unlike with my potato soup, the stakes are much higher, and the next year is going to happen whether I am ready or not. We can’t be “intimidated by our success” and not try. So we start again on January 1.

Every new year, we plan to work hard and we do work hard.  But it is not Oakdale’s job to “top that.” We actively seek the Lord’s guidance and help.  And we continually invite your participation.
God does lead and help, and you do participate.
Ad we look back on 2016, we are astounded by what happened this year.  A bullet-point summary:
  • We started construction on Odermann Hall and leave 2016 poised to occupy the renovated and expanded boys’ dorm in early 2017.
  • We completed reaccreditation with ACSI and AdvancED, representing the two “gold standard” accreditation granting agencies available to schools, Christian or secular.
  • We graduated another amazing class of seniors who are now in the world making a difference and continuing their preparation for lives of service, loving God, and serving others.
  • We received a $600,000 gift toward a $900,000 dining hall, which will begin construction in 2017.
  • Our board of trustees made a $123,000 matching gift — a dollar-for-dollar match for contributions between now and March 1 so that we can complete Odermann Hall.
These and many other blessings have been ours in 2016.