Judd, Roger & Rich Evans (Medium)

In the coming week, foundation work will begin on the new girls’ dormitory.  Concurrently, plans are being made to utilize volunteer workers who will come beginning last spring and work in such trades as electrical and plumbing, as well as do painting, floor installation, and other finish work.

Last week, Roger Pratt (Clarkston Free Methodist Church) brought Rich Evans, a master plumber he met years ago at a weekly men’s prayer breakfast, to campus. Rich is preparing to lead the plumbing installation in the new girls’ dormitory.

With a long career of commercial plumbing installation in Michigan behind him, Rich recently passed the Kentucky master plumber’s test. He and other trade leaders will need experienced help as we build this new dormitory. We welcome the fellowship of volunteers and value the work they can do to make this new building possible and affordable!

From left: Judd Hubbard (architect and project manager), Rich Evans, and Roger Pratt.