Over the past couple of years, we have seen a strong and detectable elevation in the morale of students who attend Oakdale.  This has happened in part because of our continued insistence that students express and demonstrate a desire to attend.  Desiring to attend means more than considering this better than other options, or wanting to continue because of the friends they have made.  Students show their desire to attend and continue through their positive contribution to the life of the campus and their academic performance.

This is accomplished in student lives through a staff that inspires, coaches, and encourages, and we have been blessed to see students rise to the occasion because of the investment of Oakdale staff members in their lives.  Also key to seeing this happen is praying for our students, so as you pray, you are strengthening our efforts in ways that cannot be accomplished with any amount of funds.

One of the ways we encourage our students academically is a weekly grade report that is given to them every Monday and posted on their online grade book for their parents to see.  In addition, teachers provide weekly feedback of academic effort, so that those who are not yet excelling academically can see the underpinning growth develop, which then leads to an eventual rise in grades.  One of our joys is when we can congratulate students for signs of growth and stronger grades that we know will serve them long beyond their time at Oakdale.

In all these things, Oakdale students are glorifying God in the stewardship of their lives!