I have written often about the partnership between the Oakdale staff and its donors and volunteers.  We have the best staff and the best supporters! The result is effective ministry!

I was thinking about this recently while visiting the offices of a major corporation. Amid the fine furniture, expensive lighting fixtures, and marble floors and walls I pondered how the ones who owned these facilities would feel if they were to visit Oakdale.  How would we measure up?  Surely our facilities, though increasingly excellent, would seem modest in comparison to the fine facilities to which they are accustomed.  Would we meet their standards?  Would they be satisfied for us to serve their children?

As I thought about these things, I thought about the reasons parents actually send their children to Oakdale, and my spirit gave a resounding “Yes!  We would meet their standards!”  You see, though parents certainly care about facilities, and though well-cared for and highly-functional facilities must always be a high priority, what parents care most about is how their children will be nurtured and how they will learn!  If these, then, are the standards, Oakdale is a standard bearer!

Oakdale is able to provide this kind of experience because of our quality staff, people with great credentials, who strive for excellence, love students and work in the spirit of servant leadership!  We don’t simply have the best staff money can buy; we have a better staff than money can buy.  You can buy competence and even loyalty – and we have that – but passion and a sense of calling cannot be purchased.  They come from a deeper place – a Kingdom place.

Likewise, Oakdale supporters are people who find joy in giving and in using the resources God has given them to bless others.  My spirit leaps when I receive the daily giving report showing your name, because I know that with each gift, you are sending a prayer, you are giving with passion, and you are sharing in a oneness of spirit with us.

 Thank you for being one of us in our service to God at Oakdale!