Odermann Hall New Entrance

We have the plans. They’ve been approved for construction. It’s an absolutely necessary project, and here’s why:  In recent years, parents of prospective students have declined to enroll their sons at Oakdale solely based on the condition of the dorm. Is it safe? Yes. Is it clean? Yes. The problem is that 1) Odermann Hall is so crowded that it is impossible to function as a dorm without overcrowding the space, 2) the dorm parents’ apartment is too small for most families, 3) the boys’ bathroom is old and too small, 4) the laundry facilities are separate from the dorm, 5) the commons area is too small, and 6) we can house only 16 boys comfortably in the current space allotment.

That sounds like a lot to resolve, but with clever design work and lots of staff input, we have developed a plan whereby a 2,000 square foot addition will allow all of those problems to be resolved.  We will also be able to reassign space for four additional boys to be housed comfortably. With an estimated cost of $400,000, using work teams to do much of the work, we will be able to bring Odermann Hall to the standard of housing that we now have for the girls in The Inn.

Speaking of The Inn, instead of losing applicants because our girls’ dorm was substandard, we are now experiencing a record enrollment for girls.  For $400,000 and the great work teams that come to Oakdale, we can do the same for our boys’ dorm!

Odermann Hall renovation and expansion