When parents choose to send a student to Oakdale Christian Academy, it is a difficult decision.  In a perfect world, the best scenario is for a child to succeed at home and in the local public or Christian school.  When that success is not realized, however, and another option is needed, the staff of Oakdale Christian Academy is a fantastic group of people to guide, direct, and lead teenagers to lives of learning, service to others, and loving God.

 Most of our staff members have master’s degrees, so they value and promote high levels of academic achievement.  All of our staff members love Jesus and want, more than anything, to model Christ’s love toward others and Christ-like responses to the realities of life.  The activities of the Oakdale staff members – leading activities, teaching science or literature, supervising dormitories, or giving correction – are best done through the lens of God’s love for students.

 Oakdale staff members serve beyond the confines of their regular work day, and ministry does not end after students graduate.  Our staff members host students in their homes for study or social activities, and they spend hours on the phone with graduates who are seeking direction and answers to life’s question.

 Oakdale staff members are in it for the right reasons – to make their lives count for God.  The rewards of their work are found in changed lives and bright futures.  They rejoice in the meaning that comes in doing the Lord’s work.  I believe that our supporters find great meaning in knowing what a great use can be made with their funds, and we value your partnership!