The early part of this month, during our spring break, I traveled with a student ministry group through North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to share music and testimonies at churches and youth groups.  The students did a great job and were a blessing everywhere they went.  In the upcoming Oakleaf Newsletter, you will be able to read the written testimonies of Shelby and Brian, who traveled with this group of students and told their stories of how attending Oakdale Christian Academy has impacted their lives.

When I returned, I was privileged to present Honor Code to sixteen of our students for the third quarter of the school year.  The Honor Code is determined by student exemplification of five measures:  Honesty, Respect for Authority, Following Rules, Kindness, and Positive Leadership.  What a delight to see students earn Honor Code for the first time ever, and to see their classmates cheer them on!  Vanessa, an 8th grader, is one who received it for the first time, and she absolutely beamed upon being announced as an Honor Code recipient!

As we seek to develop leadership in our students, the Honor Code is only one of our programs that help students learn how to become the kind of people that will be good employees, neighbors, and church members.  Our Peer Leader program helps identify students who exemplify the kind of trustworthiness and character that is needed to supervise other students in various capacities, further directing them toward learning skills and qualities of leadership.

Our Job Training program allows students to be promoted along four categories of autonomy and supervision.  We often have students who rise to the level of crew supervisor, who are able to learn both how to lead as well as how to be a conscientious employee.  Job Training also provides much-needed support for campus facility upkeep, so it has real-world implications and importance.

Oakdale Christian Academy is providing opportunities for our students to learn how to lead while learning how to follow Jesus Christ.  Thanks for your interest and support!