Beginning this month, Oakdale Christian Academy has launched a new distance learning program to extend our ministry beyond the Oakdale campus.  Our first group of distance learning students are members of 22ft Basketball Academy.

22ft Basketball Academy, which has chosen Jackson, KY, for its first U.S. location, does not offer its own academic program but has students needing to continue or complete their high school program.  Oakdale is uniquely fitted to offer a program that meets their needs, and can do so while remaining true to our mission.

Talented international basketball players who desire to play NCAA basketball go to 22ft Basketball Academy so that they can gain visibility by playing in the U.S.  Players with 22ft Basketball Academy are being recruited by such universities as UCLA, Illinois State, and University of Kentucky.

Oakdale is offering courses to 22ft students on the campus of Bethany Christian School, about 20 miles from Oakdale’s campus.  These courses  have a blended online and traditional approach, and include a Bible class and a chapel program.

Pray for this program and for the staff members working with the 22ft Basketball Academy students.  This is an important new venture of service and ministry, one that we hope can be replicated and expanded in the future.