Here is a report on last night’s student-led worship, as shared by Andy Wills, dorm parent and volleyball coach (and elder in the Free Methodist Church):

Last night, we had the best attendance this school year. The students selected the songs, put together the Powerpoint, and led the singing.

We had time listening to the Word. Isaiah read Revelation 3 and expounded how the Lord is challenging him.

I know your deeds; you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. 2 Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God.  Revelation 3:1-2

Isaiah talked about how God is pushing him to be more involved and to wake up. He tied this passage with Matthew 25, where Jesus says that the devils know about God, but that knowledge does not save them. We need to know God, not just about God.

Several other students and staff shared insights from this passage as well.

I read from Hosea 13, which speaks about God’s love for us like children. I opened the floor for God’s stories like Pastor Roberta Mosier-Peterson preached about yesterday morning.

One girl shared how she lied to get attention and notice.  She would make up whole stories. She pretended to be a Christian, and how she was feeling like a fake. She wants to follow Jesus and to stop making things up to be notice. The students gathered around her and prayed for her.

Another girl shared some very deep hurts and pains from childhood. She does not like to be in front of people, but felt that God wanted her to share her story. She shared, “We need Jesus! You may think that you don’t, but we need Jesus!!!! We need Jesus!!!” It was a powerful testimony.

One boy shared about the pain of growing up without a Dad. Jesus changed him when his grandmother went to the hospital at 92 and wanted to go home to be with Jesus. His grandmother pushed him to Jesus. He messes up, but Jesus changed him two years ago. God is still working with him.

Another shared about not having a father and how angry he used to be and how Jesus has become real to him at OCA. He shared some real hurts and pains of growing up seeing his mom being abused and him being powerless to stop it. How God has changed a lot of things in his life.

One other boy shared that he came in contact with Jesus through his grandparents who rescued him from a bad situation. His grandparents taught him about Jesus and got him back to school. We prayed for him and his mother.

One girl shared about Jesus changing her life and she is able to sleep at Oakdale without fear of what might happen to her

Another girl shared about weighing the cost of being a missionary, and her burden for the Syrian refugees. She also exhorted about not being judgmental and loving people.

As the students were sharing, the staff was praying for healing of human hurts. Lifting the student up in prayer and praying that God would heal those hurts and pains. The time was bathed in prayer and tears for the students.

May God continue to bring healing and grace to His children.