One of the barometers of success that people look to is the retention rate and graduation rate of our students. Student attrition is seen as failing in some way.However, it is not always the best indicator of the impact of our ministry on students and their families.

In fact, families often look to Oakdale hoping for the solution to a family-child dynamic with the hope that the child will return home to finish high school. Such was the case with “Theresa,” who spent her 7th and 8th grade years here but did not continue as a high school student at Oakdale. She did so well that her parents brought her home for high school! Her parents emailed us a couple of weeks ago:

Theresa’s transformation continues to inspire us all.  Our thoughts, prayers and gratitude will always be with the amazing staff of Oakdale Christian Academy that made it all possible!

We are blessed to be involved in this ministry that helps families find solutions so that their children can thrive at home!