At long last, The Inn is nearing completion! In 2007, we began praying, planning, and fundraising for the new girls’ dormitory. Two years ago, we removed mobile homes, cut down trees, and did site prep.  

2014-05-21 Girls' Dorm Progress2 (Medium)Sixteen months ago we started construction, beginning with months of foundation work! Despite the bitter cold of this winter, our plumbing and electrical volunteers worked. With drywall now underway and final exterior details being done, we are anticipating an August, 2014, completion.

The investment: Funds generously given and Herculean efforts.  The return:  A facility that is built to last. The Inn will provide comfortable and energy-efficient housing for decades and decades before its built-for-centuries structure will need refurbishing. The return on this building investment is a great one!

We are investing in another kind of building – building faith, building character, building relationships, and building up those who have been broken down – an investment that gives eternal returns. The Inn will allow Oakdale to continue to invest in students and expand our outreach.

The finish line is near! To complete the construction of The Inn, we need to raise $180,000 between now and August. Additionally, funding our scholarship needs between now and then will cost $70,000. If we do not receive $250,000 by August 1, we will have to borrow the amount needed to complete The Inn.  

I have seen Oakdale supporters reach finish lines before! In 2005, as we were completing The Beacon Center, we saw every dollar arrive just as our campaign came to an end. And just last December 31, we saw the last dollar received toward the $400,000 match just in time.

Today we face a $250,000 finish line. The completion of The Inn will allow Oakdale Christian Academy to serve more students and will be a testament to God’s kingdom and His people. I invite you to again help us reach an important milestone.

You can help us reach this finish line by giving by credit card, with PayPal, or by sending a check to:  Oakdale Christian Academy, 5801 Beattyville Rd, Jackson, KY 41339.