Stan and Gloria Welton joined the Oakdale staff in 2009. Stan is our business manager, providing great oversight to such areas as finance, technology, and the physical plant. Gloria is a valuable resource in the academic area; one of her areas of excellence is her leadership in the library. They also love our students and are an important part of students’ experiences at Oakdale.

Stan:  As the business manager, I do not get to spend as much time with students as I might like, and that is unfortunate because what I do get to see is phenomenal. And I want to see more!

Stan Welton Video

As I watch from my rather isolated position, I see a marvelous picture of what Oakdale offers the students—opportunity. Students have the opportunity to learn, visit nursing homes, help the underprivileged, sing, play the guitar or piano, work hard, play hard, act, study, get along with those different from themselves, and more.

Often, they are offered the opportunity to try something they would never have done otherwise like rappel, sing on the worship team, or speak in front of an audience of complete strangers. But, above all, they have the opportunity to learn to love others and to love God.

And I have been witness to life transformations as students take advantage of the many opportunities! And I want to see more. With God’s continuing blessing, I will—and so can you.

Gloria:  Just what is Oakdale Christian Academy all about? What makes this school so unique? Why are we here? First of all, Oakdale is a ministry to show young people the way to God and His unending love and salvation. It is a community within itself and a safe haven to many.

Gloria Welton Video

Oakdale is students with a diverse variety from international, rural and inner city. It is looking at a wide variety of skin shades and seeing only one. The smile on a student’s face when he or she does well on a test or scores in soccer becomes priceless. The students’ enthusiasm for life and what it holds, promises, an end to a means, or a goal to accomplish.

The courage students have to come half way around the world, the first time away from their home is shown each and every school session, whether during the school year or summer school. Students who have the ability to come to a brand new place, “in the midst of the Appalachian Mountains,” and have the stamina to stay.

Oakdale is helping students find answers to their problems, praying with them, correcting them, being a family. It’s loving them for who they are and accepting them.

Oakdale is the staff whom are dedicating their time to serving God, giving students more of themselves than is required, sacrificing financially, physically, and materially for the opportunity to make a difference in even life.

What is Oakdale? It is home to us all.