Will and Roberta Mosier-Peterson came to work at Oakdale in 2011. I had known them for several years, and one day they came to mind to fill two very important roles: director of development and girls’ dorm parent. God prepared them for ministry at Oakdale, and you’ll enjoy hearing them share by clicking the images below.

God does know everything!

Will:  It was two years ago when Dan Fisher called me. I answered the call and heard “Have you ever thought about coming to serve at Oakdale?  We need someone to help with development and manage the capital campaign. You came to mind. We need a dorm dean for girls and I thought Roberta could do that.”

Will Video BannerIt was a surprise because we were not actively looking for a change.  Yet, we were in a season of healing and discernment. Knowing that it would be God who would direct us to our next ministry, we had been praying and waiting for specifics. During this time we felt led to serve youth in need through foster parenting. God was also preparing me for this new challenge by my service on the finance committee at the Greenville Free Methodist Church and then on the capital campaign committee. Dan Fisher was unaware of either of these details of our lives before he called.

Immediately after this phone conversation with Dan, I called Roberta and said, without providing any details, “You need to pray.  I think we have just been asked to consider a new ministry opportunity.”

Roberta Video BannerRoberta:  Two thoughts rushed through my mind:  “My husband is crazy, and God does know everything!”  I sat on a bench in front of the bank, with palms open and slightly raised I said a simple prayer:  “God if this is good for us, please show us. Thanks.” That moment, there was a rush of peace in my heart and I suddenly knew that it was Oakdale. I immediately sent Will a text and asked, “did Oakdale call?”

The following week as we were praying for discernment with a group of friends at General Conference, one of the members of the prayer team asked us in confidence, “did Oakdale call?”  We took this as confirmation and two weeks later we packed up our stuff and found our new ministry among the students and staff at Oakdale.  Although living in a dorm is not always quiet, our lives are packed full of seeing God’s transforming power in these girls’ lives.  The Oakdale life is truly the good life!

Will:  I was reflecting just the other day about my work and what it means to me.  I visit with many Oakdale friends and donors, present ministry reports at conferences and churches, and arrange work team volunteers. I feel blessed when I see what God does in the lives of students. While visiting in the home of one of our donors, thanking her for sharing her time volunteering and being so generous with financial support, I experienced a fresh appreciation toward God who sustains everything in this world.  God provides for us.  I’m so grateful to be part of the ministry of Oakdale Christian Academy.