Every summer, work teams come from 1-2 days to as long as a week, helping with necessary projects that improve our campus, keep our facilities in good repair, and make our ministry better for students.  Work teams typically number between three to 15 persons, although we are often blessed by the work of a single worker when the rest of a team is not able to come.

Work projects can range from deep cleaning a basement or kitchen to working on the construction of a new building.  There are endless possibilities for the person who comes with a willing spirit to make a difference!

Our Breaking New Ground Comprehensive Campaign includes projects that will require the help of volunteers.  Completing the new girls’ dorm, after the foundations and main structure is completed, will be done with the help of work teams.  The Odermann Hall expansion and renovation will be done almost entirely by volunteers.  Other campus projects are ready to put into action and require teams to do the work.

When work teams come to Oakdale, much more happens than the completion of work projects to our facilities.  We highly value these opportunities to make new friends, fellowship with others, and work alongside partners in the Oakdale ministry.  For those who cannot physically come and do work, the financial support that makes it possible to buy materials is an essential part of the work, and we think of those friends and give thanks for them while we work.  If you know of volunteers looking for a way to get involved, let me know!