Teenagers today have been hearing voices their entire lives – too many of which are speaking falsehoods that destroy their hearts and minds. The voices of culture tell lies about what is good and honorable, about what is right, about where to focus their attention, about what is important, and about who God is. They hear inner voices echoing harmful messages that people have said to them throughout their lives – voices telling of their shortcomings and distortions of what is possible for their lives.international Christian boarding school

Oakdale’s job is to saturate their lives with voice of Christ’s call: They have immense worth; they are loved; God has a plan for them; He will give them purpose.

The life-giving voice is delivered beyond preaching, training, and teaching: The voice of Christ’s call is lived on our campus. As Jonathan Raymond writes in his book, Higher Higher Education, in which he writes about small behavioral settings, “No one is ignored. Everyone [is] supported by and held accountable for spiritual progress by everyone else in the group” (p. 110). That is the meaning of Oakdale’s Christ-centered community. It is our joy to be part of that ministry!
international Christian boarding school
Your help makes this possible! Support for our general ministry expenses and scholarships allows students today to have the great benefit of attending Oakdale Christian Academy, and your support for building projects allows us to prepare for many years of ministry!