Fifteen years ago, less than 10 percent of our students were adopted, but in recent years that number has grown to 50 percent! They come to us from wonderful, loving families, adopting them sometimes from birth, sometimes through an international adoption, sometimes through the loss of parents, and sometimes through abandonment. What a joy to serve these students and their families!

“…a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!”

Increasingly Oakdale has been sought to provide a place where these teenagers can thrive spiritually, socially, and academically. Serving as God’s hands and feet, we are thrilled to be used by God in this very special way. Do you now hear that Christmas hymn?

“…a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!”

Who are these students? The brokenness found in their stories compels us to action: sisters from Rwanda who lost both their parents and whose grandparents faced deteriorating health; a boy who was abandoned as an infant by his mother; sisters who were adopted from an Estonian orphanage into an American home; a brother and sister whose single mother died and are being raised by their uncle and aunt; and a physically and educationally neglected boy in a Russian orphanage until, at age 9, he was adopted into an American family.

For the families of these children, finding Oakdale is nothing less than a thrill of hope. And parents’ weariness turns to rejoicing when they see their adopted children thrive and become the happy young people that God intended them to be.

This year, we have committed $135,000 in financial aid and scholarships to adopted students. Just last week I took a call from a pastoral couple about their adopted children – a brother and sister – who are seeking the environment that Oakdale might provide. Their first question was about finances, and I immediately thought of you, our financial supporter, who is as determined as are we to serve these students.

“…a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices!”

Let the weary world rejoice as these adopted teenagers are served at Oakdale Christian Academy! Will you help provide the hope to these students and their families? Your financial help makes this ministry possible!

Hope and rejoicing can be present on our campus only because you and countless others – together with the Oakdale staff – have received Him. This is His work through us!