Recently, Mark Driskill, pastor of the Oakdale Free Methodist Church, talked about the difference between saying prayers and actually praying. He talked about how if we think of what we are doing in our lives as “good enough,” then it isn’t “God enough.” He said that what we ask for needs to be so big that when that thing happens, we know that it is because God made it happen. 

I thought about Oakdale and how the accomplishments of the past couple of decades are well beyond “good enough.” My mind immediately went to the many people who tell me they pray for Oakdale every day. I was reminded of your critically important role in praying for Oakdale and God’s goodness to answer so abundantly. 

What is the evidence that God is doing something at Oakdale that would seem impossible otherwise?

GOD SENDS STAFF MEMBERS. Yes, people make the decision to come to work at Oakdale. However, it is difficult to account for the quality people who learn of Oakdale and make the choice to join our team despite the barriers of moving far from family, working for modest wages, and making Oakdale their 24/7 life. Surely God has spoken the call to work at Oakdale, and they have listened!

GOD SENDS VOLUNTEERS. The expertise, skills, and eagerness to serve that come with our volunteers make it possible for Oakdale to accomplish much more than we would otherwise. Hundreds of amazing volunteers have their fingerprints all over the campus, helping us to stretch the value of every dollar while also leaving a legacy of love for God’s work here.

GOD SENDS RESOURCES. Again, people choose to give to Oakdale. However, the generous response that comes from our funding appeals is evidence of God calling people to advance this ministry. The many examples of donor-initiated support (that we would have never hoped to dream would happen) further support our belief that God is at work. So many times, we have received gifts that we never expected that made opportunities possible for students! I believe those are answers to prayer! 

GOD CHANGES HEARTS. The Oakdale staff, its programs, and its facilities are only instruments of God. We do our best to be the best instruments we can be, but it is God who changes the hearts of our students, turning them to Him. What a privilege to be part of this ministry and to be in partnership with you!